Throughout Shell many social groups and support networks have been established to bring Shell’s diverse workforce together. These networks help staff to connect, share ideas and support each other in reaching their potential. With a range of objectives, including encouraging a healthier lifestyle and supporting personal and professional development, these communities help foster a company-wide culture of acceptance and mutual respect.

From the Women’s Network at Shell and the enABLE Network for employees with disabilities, to the Shell African Network and many more, they all have an impact on shaping Shell’s culture of diversity and inclusion. 

Shell African Network, UK

The Shell African Network (SAN) in the UK aims to improve the progression of employees of African and Caribbean heritage. Mavis Oti-Addo-Boateng says she’s benefitted both professionally and personally since the establishment of the network 15 years ago.

“Through personal development talks and mentoring sessions SAN has greatly enhanced my leadership, management, communication and negotiation skills. We help all our members gain career tips from senior Shell leaders – I’m proud to now be in the position where I can give back to the community alongside fulfilling my own career goals.”

With a branch also in the Netherlands, SAN membership totals nearly 300 people. In pursuit of their career ambitions, members connect through regular meetings, mentoring sessions and after-work social events.

Mavis adds “SAN has given me the opportunity to uphold strong personal values: fairness, giving back and helping others to achieve their dreams”.

Mohammed Al Athaba stands at a podium giving a speech
Mohammed Al Athaba, Mechanical Integrity Engineer, Qatar

Start small think big

Mohammed, who is currently on the Shell Graduate Programme working on Qatar Pearl GTL, the world’s largest Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) plant says:

“I think that’s one of the best parts of working at Shell: how the culture and the people mix in such an international environment. Personally, I want to make an impact for Qatar and for the Qataris of the future and for my colleagues from around the world.”